To clone one of these trees, install git, and run:

git clone git:// + project path.
For convenience, the clone URL is available as the "git" link below, or on the status page of any repository.

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Project Description Owner Last Change
official/create_archive_file.git XiVO archive pxe class and files 13 days ago
official/debian-installer.git Debian Installer 13 days ago
official/debian-mirrors.git Debian mirrors configurations files 6 weeks ago
official/debian-pxelinux.git Debian PXE Linux 13 days ago
official/etch-xivo-dalek.git debian repository for XiVO 1.0 5 years ago
official/lenny-xivo-gallifrey.git debian repository for XiVO 1.1 3 years ago
official/manage_xivo_archive.git XiVO reprepro archive configuration 13 days ago
official/officec2c.git MS Office Click-to-Call 4 years ago
official/password-changer.git Simple LDAP password changer (with complexity check... 5 years ago
official/sccp_client.git SCCP phone set emulator dans official 2 years ago
official/sccpp.git traffic generator for the SCCP protocol 2 years ago
official/statstrek.git sharing of statistics in the clouds 3 years ago
official/test_build_package.git Temporary repo for testing build package 2 years ago
official/xioh/acceptance.git Tests and documents for XiVO IPBX Open Hardware 2 years ago
official/xioh/bsp_binaries.git Binaries for on-board firmware and software 2 years ago
official/xioh/build_rom.git Utils for building a boot ROM image with custom data 2 years ago
official/xioh/build_udebs.git Build an udeb with out-of-tree e1000 for EP80579 2 years ago
official/xioh/coreboot.git Coreboot with improved support for Intel EP80579 and... 2 years ago
official/xioh/drivers.git Telephony drivers for XiVO IPBX Open Hardware 2 years ago
official/xioh/e1000-xioh.git EP80579 GbE driver as an out-of-tree module for Linux... 19 months ago
official/xioh/ep80579_hss.git TDM support libraries for Intel EP80579 HSS 2 years ago
official/xioh/firmware.git Firmware for the MSP430 controller on XiVO IPBX Open... 2 years ago
official/xioh/hardware.git Schematics, board and BoM for XiVO IPBX Open Hardware 2 years ago
official/xioh/install.git Documentation and configuration for installing XiVO... 2 years ago
official/xioh/ipxe.git iPXE with support for Intel EP80579 and XiVO IPBX Open... 2 years ago
official/xioh/linux.git Linux branches with e1000 patched for support of the... 3 years ago
official/xioh/misc.git Miscelaneous util scripts from the XiVO IPBX Open Hardw... 2 years ago
official/xioh/operator_utils.git GUI util for flashing XiVO IPBX Open Hardware 2 years ago
official/xivo-callgen.git XiVO Generation of calls 19 months ago
official/xivo-client-android.git XiVO Android Client 12 months ago
official/xivo-client-web.git XiVO Web Client 4 years ago
official/xivo-dalek.git XiVO 1.0 branch 4 years ago
official/xivo-demo-config.git XiVO demo configurator 2 years ago
official/xivo-fai.git XiVO sources.list files 10 months ago
official/xivo-gallifrey-install-cd.git XiVO 1.1 install cd builder 3 years ago
official/xivo-gallifrey.git XiVO 1.1 branch 3 years ago
official/xivo-keyring.git XiVO keyring 2 years ago
official/xivo-loadtest.git XiVO loadtester, loadmonitor No commits
official/xivo-migration-scripts.git XiVO migration scripts 6 months ago
official/xivo-puppet-modules.git XiVO puppet modules 21 months ago
official/xivo-recording-campaigns.git XiVO Recording Campaigns 2 years ago
official/xivo-skaro.git XiVO current branch 19 months ago
official/xivo-soft-pv/kvm.git Xivo autoinstall on kvm 18 months ago
official/xivo-sounds.git Sounds files used with asterisk and XiVO 14 months ago
official/xivo-xml-browser.git XiVO XML Browser 4 years ago
official/xpoc.git XPOC project 4 years ago